Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Update

Hello, I'm Hatch and you're not. I feel like I'm hungover today, but it's due to an almost complete lack of sleep last night. The dachshund kept waking us up making puking noises about once an hour. For Father's Day Marissa and I went to O'Charlies for lunch yesterday. I ordered the prime rib and broccoli, basically the same thing I ordered at the same restaurant last Monday afternoon. It wasn't very good yesterday, though. Marissa wasn't as happy with her meal either. We like eating there because we can both get what we want and it doesn't cost too much.

I played some more 45 person MTT at PokerStars this weekend. Still having no luck. I think I have improved my game by playing a lot tighter early on, but I'm losing big heads up hands towards the end.

In the last one I played last night, I had managed to get over 10k in chips built up, which was twice as many as the next player in the tournament had. On the button I was dealt the AK of spades. The UTG player goes all in with about 2k. UTG+2 calls that, with about 3k still left in his pile. I pushed in with my 10k, hoping UTG+2 would fold and it would be heads up against the smaller stack. The guy thinks about it for about 30 seconds, then calls.

UTG shows AQ. UTG+2 shows AJ. Of couse the AJ ends up pulling two Jacks and an Ace by the river so I lost over half my stack and went on tilt. I probably should have just called the bet and tried to see if I could check it down to the river with the second guy to knock the first guy out.

The final hand I was in for that tournament was slightly odd. I had A6o and called an all in from a bigger stack. Three people ended up being all in for the hand out of four players. The other players had AQo, AKo, A4o, so all the Aces were in play. The bigger stack hit a Q and knocked three people out at once.


HatchWife said...

Your not going to say that every hour I jumped up turned on the Bright light and threw Annie out of the bed. Then she came back and we did it again. Only preparing us for our future sleepless nights. Me tired too!

TheHeffer said...

Keep practicing the Poker, Hatch. Get really good, then enter a High dollar tournament. Win it, and maybe you guys could afford......A POOL !!!! Sorry, man. I had to go there !

HatchWife said...

I don't want a pool. To much maintence. I want to live in a community where I can walk to the pool. But now we have a couple of friends house to drive to.

Big Bill said...

Hey Hatch! We have a pool....and a pond..The pond would be better for you..Is this a Titless? do mind If I play threw after another Canonball?
Little dogs that puke are cool. You dog is probbly being overfed with you watching you diet and all.Looks like your not stealing her Ukanuba anymore when You wife aint looking.....