Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hatch Wins?

I played in two of the dollar MTTs last night on Pokerstars. In the first one I went down in flames in 42nd place.

In the second one, I was doing well in level 1 and had about 2500 in chips. Then just as level 2 started Pokerstars decided to go on hiatus for a few hours. I had just moved up to fifth place in chips when the whole site went down and didn't come back up until about 11pm. I got the following email a little while after that:

Tournament #9199130 has been cancelled due to technical reasons.

When a tournament is cancelled before players are in the money, we refund each player their tournament fee, and then divide up the prize pool basedon the following formula:

- 50% of the award pool distributed evenly between remaining players
- 50% of the award pool distributed proportionally according to the chipcount

At the time of cancellation there were 33 player remaining, and your chipcount was 3,530. Total chips in play were 67,500.

Prize pool to be divided equally: $45.00/2 = $22.50
Prize pool to be divided based on chip count: $45.00/2 = $22.50

Your share in money equally divided: $22.50/33 = $0.68
Your share based on chip count: $22.50 x (3,530/67,500) = $1.17
Your entry fee refunded: $0.20

Total money refunded to your account: $2.06

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The PokerStars Team

So I guess I'll count this as placing in the money, at least on a technicality. I got my entrance fee back plus an extra 86 cents.

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TheHeffer said...

I'm sorry. That just doesn't count. Would you have stopped after the first break at Bernie's and declared yourself the winner ?