Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cheap Poker

Since I left Atlanta I don't really have any place to go to regularly play Hold'em tournaments. Add to that fact that I don't really feel right about leaving the wife and kid at home to go sit in a sports bar for several hours at night. I thought I was going to have to put my poker play on the back burner for a while, but Pokerstars came to the rescue.

They've recently started offering 45 player Multi-Table Tournaments for $1 + .20. I threw in 50 bucks, so I'll get to play at least 41 of these tournaments before I go broke. They're a lot of fun, and the competition is better than the free tournaments were. It's so nice not to see four or five people go all-in on the first hand anymore. I've played in four of these so far, and the highest I've placed is 16th. The top seven players make it to the money, so I haven't earned anything back yet.

I figure this is a good way for me to keep practicing my skills, and since I'm not playing in the pansy free games I'll have something more interesting to talk about. I plan on limiting myself to two or three a week, so my initial buy-in should last about three months. After I've played 41 MTT's, I'll examine my position at that point and see if there's any point in continuing. So if my bankroll is less than the $50.00 I started with at that point, I'll just go back to the free tournaments.

I'll also be able to play in some freerolls on Pokerstars now, so those should be interesting as well.


TheHeffer said...

What's that smell ? Could it be.....ADDICTION ?!?!?

Big Bill said...

What does A DICK TION smell like Heff? Thats gross!!

TheHeffer said...

Actually, it's spelled "a-dick-shun". It's what I do every time Hatch offers me his lil' pee-pee.