Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Of Course Hatch Sings!

On the first day of Summer, the Hatch scales said to me "You're down to three-hundred sixteen."


Anonymous said...

I thought it was 318?

Big Bill said...

He was on the Bouvine scale son. See down south where everyone is corn fed slop the have no need for conventional scales so they use industrial scales and when the weights get that high, well whats 10 to 20 lbs matter?
Secretly good job dude stay away from the carbs Damnit!! get as low as you can go!!

Alan said...

Well dear wife, who for some reason chooses to be the Anonymouse on my blog, there is an answer. I use electronic scales, which are old and somewhat crappy. The first time I stepped onto them this morning it said 318 and that's what I yelled to you back in the bedroom. I then stepped on it 6 more times and each time it said 316, so that's the number I went with for the D.B.A.N. today.