Monday, June 27, 2005

Hatch Lard Update

I couldn't come up with a reliable D.B.A.N. reading this morning. I think my scales are really on their last leg. It's either 314 or 316. I haven't lost any weight in a few days, most likely due to some sneaky carbs in the meat dishes I tried at the Chinese Buffet last week. I was looking at the "crab meat" in the supermarket over the weekend, and it turns out they add sugar to it and it has a lot more carbs than you'd think. There's zero crab in it too, in case you were wondering.

That was Thursday, and I've been strictly on the low carbs since then. Even though the weight hasn't dropped, my waist size definitely has. A few weeks ago I'd go to the bathroom every 3 hours or so and undo my pants to let my waist breathe, since the pants and belt were so tight it was cutting off circulation. Today I can fasten them without straining.

This past week I got sick of hardboiled eggs, so I've turned into an omelet expert. I throw 3 eggs and a little dash of milk into the cuisinart and set it on high. While that's going on I melt a chunk of butter in the skillet at medium heat then pour in the eggs. Medium heat is the key. The first one I tried I had it on high like I was frying an egg and it ended up scorching the outside too much.

After I flip it, I throw in some chunks of ham and two slices of cheese and fold it over until the cheese melts. A little tobasco sprinkled on top and you've got yourself a meal. The great thing about an omelet is I can mix up the ingredients when I get bored. I can use bacon, sausage, and different kinds of cheese. I'm going to get some feta cheese sometime this week since I haven't had a good feta cheese omelet since the last time I was in Chicago. It only take about 5 minutes total to make the omelet too, so it's quicker even than the chicken breasts.


TheHeffer said...

Ahh, good ol' immitation crab meat....I haven't had that stuff since the last time I ate Bruce Lackey's Immitation Crab Meat Casserole. You know, there's still more aluminum in just the pop top as there is the whole can of beer....heh.

Big Bill said...

Hey lay off the cheeze and keep it stupid simple!!
Don't worry about taste your after another goal..let it go man let it go!! You should be dropping weight like Heff is dropping hair!!
Honestly Check your fire Sarge!! I think your doing more carbs than you think. You have Identified the problem get rid of it. Dairy is fat take it out till you loose more and are at weight you can moderate it better!! Good job Bitch!!