Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Movie Review : National Treasure

I can close my eyes and see Jerry Bruckheimer sitting around a table with the director and other producers of this movie when they're working out the final storyboards.

"I'm really excited about this movie, Jerry," says Jon Turtletaub, the director. "We've got a great script and some exciting visual elements, and best of all we can mostly use real life locations so we can save a lot of cash on the special effects and CGI."

"Well, I've made some changes," says Jerry.

The tension in the room rises noticeably.

"I've got this idea for a BIG ending! We'll have this huge pit underneath lower Manhatten. It'll be at least 50 feet across! Then we'll put this system of walkways and dumbwaiters in the pit, but they'll be old, and dangerous. That way we can have someone fall into the bottomless pit and die horribly..."

"But Jerry, no one is supposed to die in this movie, it's a Disney flick..."

"Then. Then! When they finally get to the bottom of this pit, we'll have this empty room."

"But Jerry, the script has them finding the buried treasure chest in Virginia, we already have the location booked..."

"And in this empty room there will be a secret door. Behind the door will be the treasure! Oh my God the treasure! It'll be a chamber bigger than a football stadium! It'll be overflowing with treasure! And we'll have these moats full of something that burns, so when someone lights it with their torch it will slowly reveal the treasure!"

"A torch Jerry? Why would someone bring a torch down instead of a flashlight?"

"The torch will already be there! He'll light it on the way down."

"How's a torch still gonna burn after 200 years? I dunno Jerry, this is starting to sound a little over the top..."

"Over the top? Over the top!?! This is a Bruckheimer movie! It has to go over the top!"


So anyway, I actually enjoyed the movie. Victoria and I watched it last night. The ending was almost completely ludicrous, but overall it was fun, just like a Bruckheimer film should be. I give it 7 out of 10.

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