Monday, June 13, 2005

Pokerbot, Not.

I have to admit the idea of creating a script to play poker online intrigues me, but I don't have the money or time to spend on it. Scripts like this are one of the reasons I'm only playing in tournaments online. I'm sure there are people running them for tournaments also, but in a tournament one mistake in one hand can cost you the game, so running percentages over and over automatically won't help you as much.

My other problem with this is how everybody is misuing the term 'Robot' nowadays. A script running on a computer is not a robot. A remote controlled device trying to destroy other remote controlled devices on TV is not a robot. I used to get in arguments regularly with two guys a few years ago who were working on their latest 'robot' for their grand scheme to get some airtime on TLC or Discovery. I'd interrupt them to ask what kind of processor they were using to control the autonomous movement that would qualify it as being a robot.

I realize it's a losing effort, much like people using 'begging the question' inappropriately, but what good is life if you can't make bold, defiant, yet useless stands on principle every now and then?

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TheHeffer said...

Again with "Begging the question". Didn't you "Blitch" about the incorrect usage of that statement about a year and a half ago ?