Monday, June 13, 2005

Tennessee Cockfight

Holy chicken strips! They arrested 144 people and killed 300 roosters after raiding a cockfight in east Tennessee. I've heard the smell of burning cocks can be sniffed as far away as North Carolina. Calm down, Uncle Bull. Read the article one more time before you hop in your garbage truck and head south with your gym buddies.


Paul said...

ummmmm....chicken.....Being the only person on this blog who has actually been to a cockfight (well, unless you count the time that Heff spent in prison, but that's a different sort of "cock"), I gotta say that I don't have a problem with it, at least the way it's done in the Philippines--the fighting cocks are well cared for, and the owner of the winner gets the corpse of the loser for dinner. We kill a whole lotta critters in a whole lotta ways, so unless you're willing to give up your leather, that big mac, or any of the multitude of dead animal products we use, don't bitch about the cockfights.

TheHeffer said...

I feel the same way, Paul. I tell myself - "it's ok" - every time I have a "Cat-lission" or a "Cat-ccident" with my car.

Big Bill said...

Your idea of a cockfight is, you and Heff arguing over who goes down on who first.
Then you smear peanut butter on your private parts and party on till the cows come home (that last bit was not a joke about your wife's either!).

Big Bill said...

Speaking of animal cruelty and what is and isn't.
I backed my truck up the other day and ran over the neighbors cat's tail!
She called the cops while I was putting some duck tape on the poor cat's tail.
So when the cops showed up they almost arrested me but ended up just giving me a ticket instead.
Yes for retailing pussy!

Paul said... jokes go, that is the equivalent of a Hatch-written diet guide.